Tavros and Aradia were actually step siblings, and they were very close. But sadly, Tavros and Aradia’s parents split up. Afterwards, Tav’s mom went through depression, leaving Rufio to end up taking care of him in the long run.



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Tavros is mostly a vegetarian, the only exception being chicken nuggets. He LOVES chicken nuggets.

Nepeta used to have super long hair, but heard Karkat complimenting Terezi’s pixiecut, so she figured he must like short hair and in a fit, chopped hers off with a kitchen knife.

Karkat wears black contacts because he was born with partial Albinism, and has blood red eyes, and black is the only color the red doesn’t show through.

Latula lost her sense of smell after falling off her skateboard and breaking her nose. Her nose is fixed aesthetically, but has ceased functioning.

“Oh OkAy ThEn.” 

The matriorb that Kanaya cut from Mother Grub is really her adoptive mother’s (still-beating) heart

Cronus is obsessed with the movie Grease and Meenah is the only one that will watch it with him (although she draws the line at dressing up like Sandy). 

Feferi is obsessed with swimming, so she always wears her bathing suit under her clothes and her goggles on her head, so she can slip away and go for a dip when she has free time.